Contract Troubleshooting - Unable to Verify Contract Source

Before contacting us for any contract verification issues please verify on your own that the compiled contract byte code matches the input creation code. To do this :

  1. Go to the online Remix/Browser solidity site at

  2. Copy and paste your contract source code while selecting the same options that you used while creating your original contract that you wish to verify.

  3. Take note of the compiled byte code in Remix/Browser solidity browser.

  4. Copy the compiled byte code above and compare it with the input creating byte code on zkSync Era Explorer. You can get this by looking at the "inputData" field of the transaction that created this contract on

If they don't match, it won't verify.

Note: The above assumes that you are verifying a simple contract with no constructor arguments or libraries. If these are present there are additional steps involved.

Kaven Choi
Kaven Choi
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